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Nemtudom mi a jogi háttere a dolognak, de amikor bkv bérletet veszek, akkor 10ből kb egyszer sem kapok semmilyen blokkot, pénztárgépbe sincs beütve, merthogy "ez így van, nem jár blokk", ha kártyával fizetek, akkor is csak a terminál igazolószelvényét kapom meg a vásárlásról és ebben az esetben sem történik beütés a pénztárgépbe, nem is hallom, hogy nyotatna valamit. vonaljegyről már kaptam blokkot, meg is lepődtem. hogy számolják el az bérletek áfáját az adóhatóság felé? sorszám után? vagy átalány van? vagy mentességük van, csak mi fizetjük?

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2012-08-26. vasárnap, 09:25
I can say anything I want as long as I do no harm oreths. This stuff wikileaks is doing is not supported by the freedom of speech. It violating this freedom. Freedom of speech doesn't give the right to me to yell FIRE' in a crowded theater when there isn't one. It will cause harm to the people in that theater. By disclosing private documents of individuals and governments just for the sake of releasing them, you are endangering that person and that nation that are involved in such documents. When the government is breaking laws itself it is the duty of a person to get that information out to teach the people of what there government is doing wrong. However, what Wikileaks is doing is not for the freedom of information any and all governments needs to keep somethings secret as in when designing new weapons, to protect it and its citizens from a foreign power or terrorist groups. Wikileaks doesn't seem to care about that, as all they seem to care about right is to my country of the United States. I wonder what Australia will do, if and when this Assange guy starts attacking them. About Iran, why isn't he going after them for all the dirt they have? Because he is chicken and he knows it will mean signing his own death warrant. What Assangeand wikileaks is doing is not only reprehensible, unethical, immoral, and just plain wrong; I also feel it is illegal. It is hate speech pure and simple, that is obvious. What also is just as bad are the people who are leaking such info and the stupid idiots willing to publish it. Why is Assange now in hiding and why is there no way to find to contact wikileaks and tell him and the oreths what a bunch of big jerks they are?Reply
2011-08-27. szombat, 21:20
This article achiveed exactly what I wanted it to achieve.
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